An informal gathering of developers and users of all levels where we all learn something. Discover new techniques, solve a problem or just chat about matters FileMaker with like minded people!

Meetings are usually held on the first Monday of every odd month In the current conditions, they are online only, but when some semblance of normality returns, they'll be hosted at The Dock Hub, Brighton and Hove. They will also be broadcast live via the offices of Forbidden Planet in London, where you are also welcome to attend with plans to extend to further locations with the assistance of Solis Digital

Date and time

Monday 6th Juy 2020
6:30-9.00 pm
(Virtual bar including coding session after)


Online only

  • 18:30 Welcome
    Jul Carson

  • 18:35 Discussion: How would you approach updating a legacy system to modern methodology?
    Gary Palmer

  • 18:55 FM Server CentOS "Preview"
    Phil Coates

  • 19:25 Security - Think about it!
    Gary Palmer

  • 19:45 Discussion: Why authenticate using oAuth?
    Jul Carson

  • 20:00 Claris Connect - What might you do with it?
    Robin Penfold

  • 20:30 CoreML and FileMaker 19
    Ian Jempson

Virtual Bar Opens at 21:00

10 minute refreshment break

  • 21:10 CoreML - Creating a model with live coding
    Ian Jempson (a brave man!)

Further talk into the night. Beer or wine (almost) obligatory!

Timings are approximate


Please submit your ideas for discussions and presentations and vote on the suggestions!

Instructions for online attendance - Google Meet.

Join the event any time from 18.20 UK time onwards.

Once you are accepted into the meeting, please mute the mic on your feed. You can access this by mousing down over the bottom of the window. If you wish to leave your video on that is up to you.

Core discussion is reserved for Event Locations (Brighton and London) and for speakers at the event.

Please enter comments into the chat and Jul/Gary will ask the questions to the groups. If required individuals may be asked to unmute and discuss their comment or question, if this is the case once you have commented and the discussion has concluded you will be asked to mute your mic again.

You can change the layout by clicking on the three dots on the right. If you want full screen select Change layout and Use Spotlight option.

Update… Covid-19

Until further notice, meetings will be delivered as online events only.

Update… Funding news

There's some other great news!

These meetings will be free for everyone now and going forward beyond the covid-19 restrictions, thanks to the generosity of ForbiddenPlanet.com and solisdigital.com.

Other meetings


The FM Bug Calendar is now available here.

Submit proposals and questions for future meetings here.

Meeting 52 (May 2020) was presented as a live event online using Google Meets. The session was recorded.

Meeting 51 (Mar 2020) was available as a live event online using Google Meets. This session was not recorded.


Video recordings of sessions are now being to be made available on our YouTube site soon after each meeting.

Let me have recordings and free samples!

This area is currently restriced to attendees of previous meetings. Use the password you have been given or ask me for it.

Please send me any files you want to share with the group.

4 - 7 June 2020, 14:00 - 18:00 CEST

We learned some amazing things from some remarkable people.

There are now monthly dotfmp meetings - you can subscribe to the calendar here

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