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2020 Meetings

  • Meeting 52 May 2020
    Action Logging - Can the Data API help?

    John Renfrew

    Download a pdf of the presentation and the sample files on the left.

    Clear any field or set of fields

    Jul Carson

    This technique demo file is provided as is for you to pick apart.

    Techniques range from the simple one-step "Set field" button to passing JSON as a parameter to a script that clears as many fields as you want. A similar script sets fields to (randomly generated) default values, including container fields. The scripts are well commented and once you start looking at it, the techniques should be self-evident.

    The following techniques can be learned in the file:

    • Clear a field using Set Field
    • Clear a field using Set Field by Name
    • Clear a field by picking up a parameter from a container field using Set Field by Name
    • Clear a field by picking up a parameter from a text object using Set Field by Name
    • Clear any number of fields by passing parameters in JSON format
    • Set any number of fields to any values using data in JSON format
    • Delete any portal row
    • Delete a specific portal row

    You can also learn about the following functions by looking at the field auto-enter definitions and the script used to set the default field values:
    • Random
    • Choose
    • Floor and Ceiling
    • Base64Encode and Base64Decode
    • JSON functions

    The file will automatically open with access to everything except Manage Database. If you want access to this, re-login with admin as the account and password.

    Chat transcript

    Download a transcript of the chat from the online meeting.

  • Meeting 51 March 2020


    FileMaker 18 Database Cache Clearance

    Gary Palmer
    IT Director, Qlik & FileMaker Developer

    Location for the DBCache folder is:


    The following FileMaker script is an AppleScript to get the size of the DBCache Folder into the clipboard:

        do shell script "du -sm ~/Library/Caches/FileMaker/DBCache/"
        set theresult to the result
        set the clipboard to theresult
    end try

    Our script to check and exit with a result on the next action you wish to take is below (Check DBCache Folder).
    Note: I wish we didn’t need to paste the results but only way we have managed this to work. We also monitor for a bot to reboot if it runs over 999 scripts since last reboot.

    This FileMaker AppleScript tells our bots to reboot:

    tell application "Finder"
    end tell

    On Reboot we run an AppleScript to clear the DBCache Folder

    Note: I am not responsible for deleting your data, please check this command and Folder location is correct before running as this command is recursive

    do shell script "rm -r ~/Library/Caches/FileMaker/DBCache/*"
  • Meeting 50 - January 2020

    No content.

2019 Meetings

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